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3 min readApr 27, 2018

-Ashwini Nair

We recently held two of our most popular training programmes for parents and teachers — the Feuerstein Instrumental Enrichment Programme and Kansas University Learning Strategies.

A five-day intensive workshop covering the first 5 instruments of the FEUERSTEIN INSTRUMENTAL ENRICHMENT PROGRAM [FIE] was conducted by Ms. Lalitha Ramanujan, Certified ICELP Trainer, ALPHA TO OMEGA at our Dadar centre.

Though the programme focuses on correcting deficient cognitive functions and enhancing the individual’s capacity to learn more effectively from direct exposure in formal as well as informal learning situations, FIE can be used with students and individuals ranging from low-functioning performers to gifted underachievers.

One of the participants Ms. Vernekar while sharing her experience of the workshop felt that training was excellent especially since it facilitated interaction and knowledge sharing among the participants. “Everything taught was relevant. Especially the focus on how mediation can help in achieving many goals, particularly in the areas of cognitive functioning.”

As a parent looking to support her child, Ms. Bukhari adds, “Every information provided was helpful. I experienced a shift in looking at things.”

The FIE training was followed by one-day workshops on “Proficiency in Sentence Writing” and “Word Mapping” from the series on ‘Strategies for Learning’ developed at Kansas University. About the workshop, one of the participants Ms. Shetty says, “This programme is extremely valuable and is a boon for children with reading and writing issues. I am looking forward to more such workshops.”

The Sentence Writing Strategy is a valuable tool in teaching students the basic principles of sentence construction and written expression.

The Word Mapping Strategy provides teachers with tools to help students improve skills which are critical when reading a text in school or when taking a standardised reading comprehension test.

Another participant, Ms. Cotecha added, “This was an eye-opener”, says Ms. Cotecha. “I gained insights on how to be methodical, understand the problem and act accordingly.”

A teacher, Ms. Bhabale highlighted how the programme proved useful to understand how to break up a concept into smaller steps to aid teaching. Ranjani, a special educator was quick to add, “I would love to attend other such workshops as well.”

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